The Cold and Flu Bomb Recipe

15ml_OreganoWe’ve seen tremendous results both personally and with our friends and family using this remedy for the flu or the common cold. Essential oils kills viruses & bacteria. Antibiotics cannot penetrate the cel membrane, but essential oils CAN!  This means used properly, they have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria.  Pretty incredible, right?!  Well here’s a formula we call the Flu Bomb to help you and your family!

60 drops doTERRA Lemon oil
60 drops doTERRA On Guard oil
60 drops doTERRA Oregano oil
(you can add 60 drops of Melaleuca oil if infection is present)

Instructions: Mix up in a 15ml bottle.  Day one, put 9 drops in a capsule, and take every 2 hours.  Take 4 times day two and on until symptoms completely disappear.  Replenish as needed.

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