008 – Home and Health Essentials: Part 1


DoTerra-Oils-LogoThis week on the podcast we share our favorite essential oil mixtures and support solutions in part one of a two part series we’re calling Home and Health Essentials.  We go over a new 24-page ebook available FREE for download on the homepage of Faithful Wellness.  These are our favorite essential oil blends, mixtures, solutions for the most common ailments.  We also cover mood mixtures, our favorite food and homemade personal care recipes using essential oils.

007 – Business Overview


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.23.19 PMIn this podcast episode, we review the business of doTERRA for you to clearly understand and comprehend.  We talk about the reasons why doTERRA business opportunity really easy a pipeline you can truly count on for years as a source of income and why.  We also discuss the 5 ways you can earn and the different income levels per rank.  We use the EDGE Success model for teaching and presenting to our team.  If you’d like to Join Our Team in reaching the world with essential oils, we’re looking for only the fully committed.  Contact us.

If you’d like to watch the video webinar version of this presentation, you can watch it below in the show notes.

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006 – DoTERRA Membership Overview


MembershipOverviewThis week on the podcast we walk through a Membership Overview giving you everything you need to know to get started well as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA®.  We show you how to get the most out of your membership, get free products by using the loyalty rewards program, get more product knowledge and we walk through how to have a personalized wellness plan using doTERRA products.

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005 – Zyto Scan and Essential Oils


Mitchells and NordhoffsThis week on the Faithful Wellness podcast, we invite our favorite friends from Scotland, Andrew and Jill Mitchell, to experience essential oils for the first time and the Zyto scan by Compass® to find out what essential oils are needed for them. We have a lot of laughs and experience some revealing issues on this episode.

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004 – Heart Health


PFLThis week on the Faithful Wellness podcast, we talk Heart Health by reviewing a great book on the subject, “Prescription For Life” by Dr. Richard Furman and we talk with our chiropractic doctor about the very same same subject.  Dr. Ben Sweeney debunks some myths about heart health.  As you’ll see there are some differences to what Dr. Furman recommends in “Prescription For Life” and what Dr. Sweeney presents.  Which do you agree with most and why?  Comment on our homepage or write us an email with your opinion.

003 – Lemon Essential Oil


In this podcast episode, we take a very close look at Lemon essential oil with Heather Doleshel, a doTERRA® Wellness Advocate. Every month, Heather gathers with her friends and shares the facts, chemical properties and the many beneficial uses of essential oils.  Last month she focused on DoTERRA® lemon oil.  We invited her to come on the podcast with us so we could all learn a little bit more about this amazingly complex oil with the great smell.   Continue reading

002 – Nature’s Medicine Cabinet For Your Home


ReinventingImageIn this important episode, we talk about the benefits of using essential oils for your family’s health.  Essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs, just pennies per drop and best of all, address root causes rather than masking symptoms. Our family has been using them for years, and we’ve discovered them to be safer, less expensive and in many cases more effective than synthetic alternatives.  If you’d like to learn how essential oils can benefit you and your family’s health, listen to this podcast episode, which is all about this natural wellness approach.

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001 – Introduction to Faithful Wellness


Krissy and Eric NordhoffIn this initial episode of the new Faithful Wellness podcast, we introduce ourselves to you.

We talk about our mission and purpose for this podcast and why we do what we do.  Join us in our journey of faith and wellness.  We share our experiences with you weekly.

Plus, we discuss Essential Oils in the Bible – our free E-Book (look on the right sidebar) we send you when you sign up for our mailing list. And, we finish each podcast with an inspiring bible verse to inspire you in your wellness journey.

Got a question or comment?!  Click on the “Ask Us a Question” right sidebar and you may be featured on a future podcast episode!

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2015: New Year, New You!

You know how we use way too many prescription drugs?

Don’t you hate how prescription drugs have a lot of side effects?

You know how doctor visits and medications are just really expensive?

Krissy and I are helping people save money and take better care of their family by becoming more independent in their health care!

Are you open to natural forms of healthcare?

Have you ever heard of essential oils and want to learn more?

Krissy and Eric NordhoffWe are Krissy and Eric Nordhoff.  We created this website is to engage you with God’s ways of taking care of your health. We are hosting a special online Webinar on January 5, 2015 to share with you what we’ve learned about essential oils.  We use them to replace our personal medicine cabinet.  Now, when a health issue rises, before going to the doctor or taking a drug, we go to our essential oils to take care of our family’s health.  We’ve learned they are SAFER, CHEAPER and MORE EFFECTIVE than pharmaceutical drugs and traditional medicine.

And we want to share all that we know with you!

2015 is just around the corner. It’s a great time to hit the reset button on your health!

JOIN US each Monday by registering for this 60 Minute Webinar.  Space is limited to the first 100 people.  CLICK TO REGISTER!

2015: It’s time for a New Year and a New You!

We’ll see you there! JOIN US HERE.

New Year New You